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1 Day Workshop
Workshop Next Schedule Price
Matsuri Sushi Roll WorkshopScheduled on a monthly basis, please see “WHATS NEW”US$55
One Day Sushi Workshop“Scheduled on a monthly basis, please see “WHATS NEW”US$60

* Matsuri Sushi Roll Workshop (Not Scheduled)

   Matsuri Sushi Roll Workshop is held on Saturdays in the afternoon with lectures and hands-on.
   After some lectures and study of basic sushi roll making techniques, you will start making Matsuri Sushi Roll!

Matsuri Sushi Roll Workshop   Features
  • Lecture: About ingredients
  • Hands-on: Basic Roll 1 (Seaweed out)
  • Hands-on: Basic Roll 2 (Rice out)
  • Hands-on: Matsuri Sushi Roll

* One Day Sushi Workshop (Available to plan)

   One Day Sushi Workshop will be scheduled on weekday afternoons and you will have a much fun and a great experience!!!
   You are going to try making many kinds of sushi like the picture shown on the right. It will be more than enough of your dinner!

One Day Sushi Workshop   Features
  • Lecture: History of sushi
  • Lecture: Sushi rice
  • Hands-on: Basic Rolls
    (eg. Kappa, California etc...)
  • Hands-on: Special Rolls
    (eg. Spicy tuna, Crunchy Tempura etc...)
  • Hands-on: Nigiri
  • Hands-on: Other kinds of sushi
  • Hands-on: Cutting roll and decoration
  • Demonstration: Chef Andy's fruit cutting
  • Tasting time!!!
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