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Professional Course
  Professional Course

      Professional Course consists of Professional 1 and Professional 2 Classes.
      Our Professional Course is high-leveled contents to become a sushi chef in 2 months.
      In fact, some students have opened their restaurant right after the graduation.

      Professional Course is the best for people who want to become a sushi chef at the earliest.

* Outline of Classes
    Professional 1: Japanese cuisine and sushi rolls
      We teach from Japanese ingredients and stocks to understand what the taste of Japanese cuisine is based on, and how to make miso soup, and how to cook steamed white rice. How to maintain and sharpen the knives is also taught in the first week.
      In first 2 weeks, we teach basic Japanese cooking techniques which are important for sushi chefs.
      These fundamental knowledge also help you to create new recipes and sushi rolls. That is why we do not skip this important information for your sushi chef life.
      The time of you got used your finger/hand for cooking, it's ready to study how to handle sushi rice.
      We teach not only traditional Japanese sushi roll, but also modern (California/American) style sushi which is getting very popular all over the world.

    Professional 2: Nigiri, fish & clam preparation, and the important knowledge
      If you have been sharpening your knives since you learned how to do it in Professional 1, the knives should have exposed enough edge and are ready to cut raw fish.
      We teach proper technique to make beautiful form nigiri.
      We teach other kinds of sushi such as box, chirachi etc... There are many kinds of sushi other than roll and nigiri.
      We also teach how to calculate the food cost, talk about sushi chef hygiene, and opening restaurant and catering business.

* Major Subjects
  Professional 1
    1st 2-week
       Culture and history of Japanese cooking
       Japanese ingredients
       Stock and soup
       Sauces and dressings mixology
       Sharpen and maintain Japanese knives
       Understand Kaiseki-ryori
       Cooking methods
          Grill, simmer, steam and deep-fry
  Professional 2
    3rd 2-week
       Fish and shellfish preparation
       Marinating fish and shellfish
       Nigiri sushi (Edomae sushi)
       Visually effective decoration and garnish

       Practice roll making (from 2nd 2-week)
    2nd 2-week
       Sushi rice preparation
       Traditional roll making
       Special and fusion roll making
       Basic decoration
       Japanese desserts

       Mid-term test
    4th 2-week
       Other kinds of sushi
          Hako sushi, tsutsumi sushi, chirashi etc...
       Set up sushi-bar and simulate the service
       Restaurant management
       Food cost calculation
       Health department regulation

       Roll and nigiri making (from 2nd, 3rd 2-week)

       Final test
* Schedule and Hour
  • 8:00am to 1:00pm (5 hours a day)
  • Monday through Friday
  • Total 40 days (200 hours)

* Course Fee:
Class Registration Fee Tuition Fee Food Cost Total
Professional 1 ClassUS$100US$2,250US$600US$2,950
Professional 2 ClassUS$100US$2,250US$600US$2,950
No TAX is charged for course fee. 
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