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Woo Jin KimI decided to take this class because I have a passion to discover all the techniques and knowledge of traditional Japanese cuisine that is hidden behind the curtains. The marinating techniques and different fish processing methods I learned here are priceless. I enjoyed every moment I had in this class. I had so much fun while learning. My taste buds have changed while I have been here. I know the difference between low and high quality fish now.
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to learn what you have worked so hard to achieve. I know 2 months is a short time, but I will work hard to implement everything I learned in this class into my future.
- Woo Jin Kim   Anaheim, CA - (Woo Jin Kim)
Dr. Richard ButligA truly enlightening experience! I first enrolled with Sushi Chef Institute with the perspective of cooking a decent Japanese meal for my family. Boy was I taken by surprise when Chef Andy blurted out “2 minutes, 2 rolls, cut, plate, decorated, speed and quality.” I knew at this point, he was challenging each and every one of us to push ourselves. I learned many techniques from roll making, nigiri production, sushi rice secrets, whole fish preparation, tempura, karaage and yaki techniques, all very much enjoyable, but the most important and valuable lesson that Chef Andy san imparted to me was the American work ethic. The harder you work to develop and challenge yourself, the more likely that success will come your way. Ironic to have been reminded of the American work ethic by a Japanese Master Sushi Chef.
Arigato Gozai mashita Chef Andy san for the wonderful experience and the long lasting life lesson.
- Dr. Richard Butlig   Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - (Dr. Richard Butlig)
Michelle BarrI came to this school to enhance my skills in to find work in the industry. I love that there are so many different flavors and techniques I can use to create a beautiful plate of food. I’ve been emailing home every day about what I’ve learned, and everyday it’s been different. My sushi rolls have improved and my decoration is getting better. I found netta cutting to be a very valuable skill. I really enjoyed learning about nigiri and sashimi. I also enjoyed sushi bar as it took me out of my comfort zone. I now know what to expect. This has made me want to continue to learn and progress in the sushi industry. I’m excited to see how far I can go. This has been a great bunch of people to work with. Amie has been a ray of sunshine every day. I will remember all the great lessons and I will continue to read my book and watch my videos, so I can drum all that info in.
Thank you very much for all you have taught me. I know I’ve been frustrating at times…holding the knife…killing the meat on the fish LOL! I will work on all my flaws. I feel ready to work in a sushi bar now thanks to you and I will grow to become a better chef. I will now treat myself to a new Yanagi! Thanks again.
- Michelle Barr Glasgow, UK - (Michelle Barr)
Matthew WongAt the Sushi Chef Institute, they not only provide the education about making sushi, but they educate us to become a chef. We learn everything from cleanliness to knife skills, making sushi, netta cutting, etc. My favorite thing was sushi bar during the Pro II class, because it was a great experienc... - (Matthew Wong) [Read all]
Marco BabaoI took this class to gain knowledge, and I like Japanese cuisine. I will remember everything I learned here. Everything from day 1 to the very end has been most valuable to me. I enjoyed everything, especially the cutting of fish and knowledge of fish. I like sushi because you can do so many things ... - (Marco Babao) [Read all]
Li Bin Antony ZhuSushi course is hard. But it’s a heart thing as well. Sharpen your knives every day, clean up anytime, help each other-that means to clean your heart, purify your mind, switch yourself. I really appreciate the SCI class giving me a chance to open my eyes to the Japanese culture in 2 months. It can... - (Li Bin Antony Zhu) [Read all]
Debora ParkI enrolled because I wanted to be able to make sushi and Japanese cuisine. I am looking forward to sharing how intense and complex sushi can be with my family. My negi cutting has greatly improved while I have been here. I really enjoyed learning how to filet a fish and making maki and California st... - (Debora Park) [Read all]
Yasuko I. Marquis My name is Yasuko Marquis. I come from a very traditional family, where women must know how to cook, but for me-home cooking was not enough. I have always wanted to learn more and be better. We always love sushi, but I didn’t know anything about how to make it. When I was doing research online f... - (Yasuko I. Marquis) [Read all]
Francisco AlvidrezI enjoyed the small class size and being able to build close connections not only with my classmates, but with sensei as well. I enjoyed all the lessons, because with each lesson I learned or improved an existing skill. The skills I have gained will help me achieve the goals I have set for myself. T... - (Francisco Alvidrez) [Read all]
Daniel Cha I learned a lot by taking this course. I had no cooking experience before taking this class. Meeting Chef Andy changed my life. This was a unique experience. I learned how to make sushi, nigri, rolls, etc. I understand fish and learned a lot of techniques. Thank you SCI.
-Daniel Cha Las Ve... - (Daniel Cha) [Read all]
Christy McGee I signed up for the class on a bit of a whim. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, as I’ve never cooked professionally, but in 8 weeks, I went from knowing virtually nothing about seafood to knowing more about it than anyone I know (outside of everyone at SCI, of course) I loved all the ... - (Christy McGee) [Read all]
Cierra PinJapanese food has always had my interest. Though I enjoy eating it, I never thought to make it.
Here at the Sushi Chef Institute you can become a professional at making sushi with Chef Andy Matsuda. The experiences where once in a life time chances, and you get to share it all with your fellow... - (Cierra Pin) [Read all]
Cindy WanTime here at SCI is truly a unique and humbling experience. Sensei Andy is 100% on board with his students. In 2 months time, I am able to carry out a special set of skills and go out into the World with it. It is truly an honor.
If you want self-improvement, self-discovery, or because you love... - (Cindy Wan) [Read all]
Orande Akah JohnsonI had a wonderful experience. The knowledge and skills I have acquired has surpassed my expectations. I really felt like I was in a class, a home, and a sushi school. I have learned so much in 2 months. To be taught traditional Japanese sushi by Chef Andy Matsuda is a proper foundation for any sushi... - (Orande Akah Johnson) [Read all]
Jirasupa N DisyabootI had a great experience with SCI. First, I learned in-depth of the Japanese food and art culture. The class provided many varieties of Japanese cooking which helped chefs and restaurant owner to create more menus for the customers. Since my restaurant only provide sushi and rolls, but the class als... - (Jirasupa N Disyaboot) [Read all]
Peter KongIt’s been my dream to be a Chef in Japanese cuisine. During the 2 months I have spent here, I have learned about Japanese chef culture and technique. The senseis are very dedicated and they want me to be good and do well. After 2 months, my knife skills have greatly improved, and I have learned so... - (Peter Kong) [Read all]
Tamio MatsunagaI took this class to obtain cooking skills. I found fish cutting and preparation very valuable. Sushi is very simple but deep. I am looking forward to making nigiri at home for my family. I will miss my buddies, and enjoyed working together with them. I hope the very best for everyone.
-Tamio ... - (Tamio Matsunaga) [Read all]
Pedro VelardeI’ve been waiting for about 6 years to have an opportunity like the one that I just had. Advancing your skills in the Japanese culinary world is very difficult. Andy san provided me with the necessary skills to bring my restaurant to the next level. I’m no longer intimidated by any kind of fish... - (Pedro Velarde) [Read all]
Cindy LeeI took this class to discover the mysteries and art of cutting and handling fish. I found the safe handling of fish to be the most valuable lesson. I enjoyed making tempura, the tea ceremony, shucking oysters, cutting belt fish, opening uni, and the trip to the fish market. I’m excited to share al... - (Cindy Lee) [Read all]
Sueng LeeThe reason why I decided to learn Japanese cuisine was because I loved Japanese food. I was especially interested in learning how to make sushi. I began to search for a good instructor, and found out that Andy Matsuda at Sushi Chef Institute (SCI) is a master of sushi and traditional Japanese dishes... - (Sueng Lee) [Read all]
Christina ZhengI took this class because I want to open a restaurant in the future. I will remember everything from this class, but I feel the most valuable lesson was how to prepare fish. I’m excited about the healthy aspects of sushi as well. My knife skills have improved and I’m excited to roll sushi for my... - (Christina Zheng) [Read all]
Johnny NgMy favorite lessons that I enjoyed the most were sushi roll making and nigiri. These are what we do on a daily basis. I started with no kitchen experience, but in 2 months I learned a lot about Japanese cuisine and Japanese terminology. This class has helped build my confidence in myself and my skil... - (Johnny Ng) [Read all]
Ben HongI had no experience working in a restaurant prior to my arrival at the Sushi Chef Institute. The prospect of learning a new trade is both exciting and terrifying for this self-confessed- “kitchen illiterate”. But thanks to Sensei Andy and the staff at the Sushi Chef Institute, I now have the kno... - (Ben Hong) [Read all]
Greg HegglandFor me, this was a life changing experience! One of the best things I’ve ever done! I should have done this 10 years ago! For example, talking to sensei-we talked about how I was stuck working at a bar, unhappy, with no skills and a blank future. But now, my future is bright. I have many different... - (Greg Heggland) [Read all]
Sulbahri PanaiThis has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had in my life. Learning of fundamentals and basic Japanese cooking gave knowledge about how the food can be an art. It is a good skill to have. My favorite lesson has been working together and its importance. My benefits from this class... - (Sulbahri Panai) [Read all]
Kutay OzgencI had no cooking experience before taking this course. I had no idea about sushi, and I met Chef Andy and my life has changed. This school is definitely the best place to learn and sushi, and also about Japanese culture. Thanks to Chef Andy and thanks to Amie. This was a great time and great experie... - (Kutay Ozgenc) [Read all]
Samuel HuangI enjoyed a lot of the class. My favorite lesson would probably be cutting whole fish, because although it is difficult, when you do it clean and correct it feels very satisfying. I hope to take my new knowledge and continue to grow as a chef and person.
-Samuel Huang, New York, NY - (Samuel Huang)
Ruth Schreber SancheI have truly enjoyed the entire course as equal. I came to SCI with no knowledge of Japanese cuisine, how to prepare sushi, rice, cutting sushi grade fish, and the Japanese flavors and traditions. In 2 months I have learned so much!! I can understand fish more and their different cuts, and what they... - (Ruth Schreber Sanche) [Read all]
Jefferson FerrieraI learned a lot in the course. I knew the basics, but not all of the details I learned here. It was a unique experience to learn, practice and participate in different events (i.e. demos, catering). Now I have another view of the Japanese Cuisine, and I have other views of quality, presentation, pro... - (Jefferson Ferriera) [Read all]
Chris O'HearnSCI teaches you what you need to know more than anything else. You get a variety of lessons, but the fundamentals are stressed. Each lesson is put into a Japanese historical context so they are given deeper meaning. More than just taking food lessons-you are given a cultural context which makes ever... - (Chris O'Hearn) [Read all]
Chok PimonjindaI enrolled in this class to learn what a sushiman should, and must do. The decorative aspect of sushi excites me. My taste has changed after developing a stronger knowledge of sushi. My roll making and nigiri skills have greatly improved, especially after sushi bar. I believe that fish cutting, nigi... - (Chok Pimonjinda) [Read all]
Yung HongI have learned a lot, not only about Japanese cuisine and sushi, but also about teamwork and my place in life. I gained a deep appreciation for the people working in restaurants and their dedication to the mastery of the art of sushi making and their burning passion. The class was engaging and inter... - (Yung Hong) [Read all]
Jae AhnIt was an intense course. The first month was hard for me. I have never worked in a kitchen before. The second month was easier and better for me. Andy sensei is a traditional Japanese style instructor. Once I got used to it, he was easy to follow. Overall, I love this course. I learned a lot. Thank... - (Jae Ahn) [Read all]
Raul TejedaI took this class to help my staff at my restaurant improve. We plan to open a new restaurant and we wanted a strong foundation to set us apart. Cutting fish from guts, to fillet is definitely a skill I developed here that I value. I enjoyed cutting whole fish. I also liked learning how to properly ... - (Raul Tejeda) [Read all]
Rakan AloraifiI developed the valuable skill of making nigiri here. Along with that I learned how important patience is. I enjoyed the fish preparation lessons, and I am really excited about the art that sushi truly is, and I am so glad I learned how to make sushi in a professional way. Sushi bar set up was quite... - (Rakan Aloraifi) [Read all]
Grace LeeI really value the skills I developed in presentation and decoration here at the institute. I had a great time during the live seafood demos. I'm excited about all of the different kinds of fish and the true art of plating. This course was very in depth about Japanese cuisine. It was a great investm... - (Grace Lee) [Read all]
AmandaI like Japanese culture and love the art of food, and sushi is very cute. So, I want to be a sushi chef and share it with people, which is why I joined this class. What excites me about sushi is presentation. For example, I took lessons for decorating food, and I learned we can make sushi beauti... - (Amanda) [Read all]
JohnnyThe art of sushi has changed two things in my life: first one was my technique. Before I joined this school I didn't know how to cook. But now I learned how to cook and always cook for my family. Second the way to think about sushi bar. Before I joined here I thought sushi Bar needs only one person ... - (Johnny) [Read all]
Midori BraschSushi is so different from western cuisine. The most impressive moment in class for me was filleting a whole fish. The art of sushi making has given me a great appreciation for the Japanese nation, culture and for sushi cuisine. I'm grateful I was able to study in this school. The teachers and staff... - (Midori Brasch) [Read all]
Kim Yoon TaekI really enjoyed the lessons on fish oroshi and found them most valuable. I find fresh seafood and the beautiful decorations most exciting in sushi cuisine. Andy Sensei's skill is most impressive. I will never forget my classmates or my Senseis. This 2 month course changed my life, so my advice to i... - (Kim Yoon Taek) [Read all]
Javier Garcia I found washing and cooking rice, along with knife skills the most valuable. The satisfaction felt by my customers when they eat sushi, which is so different from other foods really excites me. Cutting a whole tuna in class and our trip to the fish market was one of the high lights of the class for... - (Javier Garcia) [Read all]
Chotipong DouangchakThank you so much for teaching me about all the sushi stuff. I began this Professional I and II courses without any knowledge and any skills in cooking but after I have finished these 2 courses, I can say that I have improved a lot and learn a lot. I just want to say thank you to Andy sensei for bei... - (Chotipong Douangchak) [Read all]
Takeshi HashimotoIt was a great journey to learn the depth of sushi in 2 months. Finishing school is not the end but it is the start to explore the profound world of the sushi art.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerely appreciation to my sushi mentor Andy-sensei and Saburo-sensei. ... - (Takeshi Hashimoto) [Read all]
Max RodriguezI have learned a lot in the class. It's difficult for me to learn something from watching once. Sometimes I teach friends guitar and well, I do not expect them to be able to see me play a song, hand them the guitar and play the song. But it is also not impossible with practice.

Thank you for... - (Max Rodriguez) [Read all]
Wisit SangaroonI was a Thai Chef for more than 17 years. Then I wanted to change my career to become a sushi chef, even though I was not sure if I really could do it.

After visiting sushi chef institute, I decided to join their classes. At the beginning, I didn’t know anything about sushi. After tw... - (Wisit Sangaroon) [Read all]
Anouk DewailyTo the Sushi Chef Institute teachers,

Thanks so much for your patience, passion and time. It was an amazing experience and a life changing 2 months. "Never give up" will now be my MOJO!

See you soon, - (Anouk Dewaily)
Hartono WidjajaI want to thank Sensei Andy and Sensei Tomita. They have worked hard to teach us how to be a right and good sushi chef. What we think or we see may seem easy, but at the time when we did, it was not as easy as what we imagine. That's why we need to learn how to make the right sushi and also become a... - (Hartono Widjaja) [Read all]
Ted KuanAfter examining other sushi schools in Los Angeles, I chose Sushi Chef Institute with Chef Andy Matsuda. The reason why I chose here is because they have the most impressive portfolio of the school's and students' works and network- I especially liked how this school inform job opportunities to the... - (Ted Kuan) [Read all]
Ryan BalingitI learned a lot from SCI. I will apply all the knowledge that I have gotten from sensei Andy. Thank you for teaching me for 2 months. It changed my life.
- (Ryan Balingit)
Alven ChuI am glad that I took these classes as I didn’t have any knowledge about Japanese culture before class and it was great. When I was home in Sweden, I could not say anything about what I was serving to the customer, like nigiri pieces. I learned that a chef needs good knowledge of Japanese cultur... - (Alven Chu) [Read all]
John ChristensonThis has been a wonderful experience to start on a whole new venture in my life. I regret not taking this course earlier, however now that I can praise the school and sensei Andy for his dedication and hard work. He is honest and knows how to critique on a positive, beneficial level. All the inst... - (John Christenson) [Read all]
Sylvia KimAwesome class! In the beginning I wasn't sure what to expect and thought that two months was a long time. I must say, the two months just flew by! I have learned a lot from appetizers, to roll and fishes and so much more. I am ecstatic that I took this class and I cannot wait to start putting my new... - (Sylvia Kim) [Read all]
Ben WeissbergI came to Sushi Chef Institute with some knowledge of Japanese cooking, and I now graduated with confidence, something that I previously lacked. The classes were amazing and I miss coming to class every day and learning from Sensei. The staff was incredible and stood by us every step of the way. ... - (Ben Weissberg) [Read all]
DENNIS TRANI enrolled in professional sushi course because I love cooking Japanese cuisine plus hope to someday open a restaurant. Sushi is so fresh, delicious and healthy! It has made me become aware of healthy eating. I enjoyed making rolls and fileting fish. I discovered true sushi is simple not overstated... - (DENNIS TRAN) [Read all]
BOB YU WEN TSAII signed up at Sushi Chef Institute because I want to be a chef, understand how sushi is made and hopefully someday soon become a great sushi chef.

It was amazing when Sensei Andy started slicing a huge fresh albacore and other big fishes. My family has seen from my results how I learne... - (BOB YU WEN TSAI) [Read all]
BLUESKY MAEKONGI enjoyed eating raw sushi but did not know about sushi preparation and fish fileting. I took Professional 1 and 2 courses to gain a job skill, develop for a future business and research raw seafood consumption.

Learning about the types of raw seafood, especially the handling process is u... - (BLUESKY MAEKONG) [Read all]
MIMII have lived in a country where sushi is not popular. But the uniqueness of sushi detail is a beautiful form of art.

Now that I know how to make my own sushi, I can serve my family and friends whatever they request. Learning to filet and cut fish myself is very important. One of my many... - (MIMI) [Read all]
SUSAN  HACKLERSushi is truly artistic, colorful, and decorative so eye pleasing and light to my taste! Before taking this course I enjoyed rolled sushi but discovered seared fish with dashi creamed sauce to my delight.

Now I can make many types of sushi in my home. However, finding these precious ingr... - (SUSAN HACKLER) [Read all]
RINGO HARRISONThe first time I tried sushi was in elementary school. I did not enjoy the nigiri due to a small fear of consuming raw fish but it would later become my favorite food. In fact I love sushi so much I wanted to center my life on it.

One of my biggest concern as a young nerd who read books ... - (RINGO HARRISON) [Read all]
Omi Higa将来アメリカで寿司屋を開くことを目標に一から勉強しようと、日本の寿司学校を探していましたが、アメリカでも寿司学校があることを知り幾つかのスクールを訪問した結果 Andy 先生の所でお世話になることにしました。... - (Omi Higa) [Read all]
Miz LanaI want to thank everyone at Sushi Chef Institute for a wonderful experience and knowledge I received in the past two months. It does not seem like a long time, but it's astonishing how much I've learned.

Sensei Andy created an amazing program with tons of information and hands on experi... - (Miz Lana) [Read all]
Fabiola LairetI am an owner of an Asian fusion restaurant in Barcelona, Spain. I came to Sushi Chef Institute in hopes to gain the proper knowledge, concepts and skills of sushi, Japanese cuisine and culture. Needless to say, my expectations of the school exceeded what I had anticipated. I came to the school inse... - (Fabiola Lairet) [Read all]
Young ShimDearest Sensei Andy,

First of all, I am deeply grateful to sense Andy and sensei Leo and the SCI staff for training traditional Japanese dishes. When I entered the SCI class, I was filled with awe. I didn’t know anything about how to make Japanese dishes. The only cooking experi... - (Young Shim) [Read all]
Keitaro MitsuiBefore I enrolled in Professional Class at Sushi Chef Institute, I did not have any prior experience in the culinary industry, and, since it was my first visit to the United States, I did not have an adequate command of English language either. Thus frankly I was overwhelmed by the idea of learning ... - (Keitaro Mitsui) [Read all]
Ki UhmI have to admit that I came to the Sushi Chef Institute with my share of doubts and worries. TO learn sushi making in how-to’s about Japanese cuisine in 2 months?! – The idea was attractive because I was looking for a quick-fix, but it seems highly unlikely and the tuition was not a small amount... - (Ki Uhm) [Read all]
Rogelio CervantesSchooling at Sushi chef institute was an amazing experience; we received lots of information and we went through a lot of hands-on training which, I think is the most important thing! Everyday there was something new to learn and the instructors chef Andy and chef Leo were very professional, Of cour... - (Rogelio Cervantes) [Read all]
Edward KlevensAttending the sushi chef institute, for me, was never a question of “if”, but rather when. I was told about the school, by one of my chef instructors, while I was at Le Cordon Bleu. He said that attending SCI would increase my knowledge of food and my value as a chef. Considering my life long... - (Edward Klevens) [Read all]
Phuong VoI would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Sensei Andy Matsuda and the staff at Sushi Chef Institute for their tremendous assistance and support throughout the Pro I and Pro II courses. Prior to attending the Sushi Chef Institute, I didn't have any experience in a Japan... - (Phuong Vo) [Read all]
Eric LinHaving worked for 2 years in restaurants after culinary school, I decided to expand my horizons by learning sushi making, and I am very happy that I chose the Sushi Chef Institute. The combination of Professional Courses I and II offers much more than just sushi making. It introduces the students ... - (Eric Lin) [Read all]
Kevin KimTo all you aspiring sushi chefs out there, or even those who want the piece of paper showing you have a sushi chef certification, please be forewarned. Two months doesn't sound like a very long time, but you are in for a surprise if you are expecting it to be easy. It's a very intense 2 mont... - (Kevin Kim) [Read all]
Moustafa MoussaouiMy name is Moustafa and I'm from Belgium. I am presently living in Algeria until I move to my next destination. Sushi School Institute and Sensei Matsuda will be a huge milestone in my career. This is a life changing experience. I had no culinary experience whatsoever, I would only cook for frien... - (Moustafa Moussaoui) [Read all]
Ana De La RosaI’m a wife, a Mom of a 9 year old boy and before arriving to California I was a high school Teacher in Mexico for about 6 years. With my husband’s help, we made a big change in my life studying at Sushi Chef Institute (SCI). One day I decided to go just for visiting the SCI and Tiana Pennington ... - (Ana De La Rosa) [Read all]
Tenzin YardongI am Tenzin from Swiss and I had recently fulfilled my dreams of learning Sushi making skills from Chef Andy. It was absolutely worth dreaming for the past 4 years although, I was also working in a Sushi Restaurant at that time. Now I had polished my skilled of making Sushi and learned a bit about... - (Tenzin Yardong) [Read all]
Lance HarstadThrough Master Chef Andy Matsuda’s class at Sushi Chef Institute I acquired the skills necessary to manage a full sushi bar at any Japanese restaurant. From the very first week I was learning how to prep rice, soups and small appetizers. We also went over a small portion of Japanese cuisine and th... - (Lance Harstad) [Read all]
Leah VirasithMy name is Leah and my family owns a sushi restaurant. Sadly, none of our family members knew how to make sushi. We depended on our sushi chef to do everything from creating the sushi menu to ordering food. We felt helpless and fearful of the uncertainty about what would happen to us and the restaur... - (Leah Virasith) [Read all]
Bella KatchiourinerHi, Меня зовут Белла.
Я живу в Дании, но родилась в России. Уже работая в суши ресторане, мне захотелось усовершенстовать мои навыки и знания о японской кухне. После... - (Bella Katchiouriner) [Read all]
Brian PaonessaAfter coming to Los Angeles six months in advance to check out the different schools before deciding to take the next major step in my life, I decided on Sushi Chef Institute because Chef Andy Matsuda took the time to sit down with me personally for 45 minutes and explain what the school was about a... - (Brian Paonessa) [Read all]
Jack ChenMy name is Jack. After finishing college I decided to pursue a career in culinary arts focusing in Japanese cuisine. The reason why I chose this school it specialized in all the basic aspect of Japanese cooking that is relevant to Japanese cuisine. There are very few culinary schools that spend enou... - (Jack Chen) [Read all]
Marco TrujilloHello my name is Marco trujillo. I've been a restaurant owner for the last five years for a very well established Japanese cuisine and sushi bar in the Denver metro area. I came into it with no kitchen skills and very little restaurant experience. I worked hard to understand the business aspect o... - (Marco Trujillo) [Read all]
Anders ErikssonHi..

My name is Anders, I'm from Denmark. To make a very long story, short. I have no kitchen experience at all. I've been self employed for a long time, before that manager different places. Not long ago I decided it was time for a big change, and after a lot of correspondence with Mr.... - (Anders Eriksson) [Read all]
Connie TengHello My Name is Connie Teng. I have successfully completed Professional I and Professional II courses at SCI and I am proud to say that I am a SCI Graduate! If you are like me 10 months ago, who was tired of being chained to a desk, and has always been fascinated about cooking; especially, has a ... - (Connie Teng) [Read all]
Jeremy CarpelSushi and Japanese culture in general has always been amazingly fascinating to me. During college I worked at a sushi restaurant and was frustrated by all the corners that were being cut. So I wanted to learn traditional sushi making and how to make everything from scratch. At the Sushi Chef Institu... - (Jeremy Carpel) [Read all]
DaveMy name is Dave. I just completed the eight-week professional course at Sushi Chef Institute. I just want to let you know that I had a great time. I walked into the course with no kitchen experience. I had been a teacher for the past twelve years and wanted a change. The way Sensei designed and str... - (Dave) [Read all]
Midori Kidoこの2ヶ月間は私の人生で初めてといえるほど密度の濃い毎日の連続でした。日本では寿司職人になるということは、下積みから初めてやっと一人前の職人といえるようになるためには何年もの修行が必要で、ましてや私の... - (Midori Kido) [Read all]
Yu-ChaoHi, My mane is yu-chao. I from Taiwan. My Eiglish is not so good. So....I writes with Chinese.
如上面所寫,我的英文不是很好,所以在全程都是英文的教學裡,我的理解力沒辦法比其他同學好 但是我相信,只要是想來這學習的人,一定都對料理充滿了... - (Yu-Chao) [Read all]
Robin WangelineMy 8 weeks I spent at The Sushi Chef Institute were one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. It is not very often you get to learn from a master in any art. Sensei Matsuda is just that... a true master unselfishly sharing his knowledge and secrets of 30+ years.

I learned about m... - (Robin Wangeline) [Read all]
Mathew YoungHi, my name is Mat. I am a musician and have been playing drums for 25 years.

I recently decided to make a change in my life and put down the drum sticks and exchange them for a sushi knife.
I have always loved to eat sushi and find the Japanese culture very beautiful, interesting an... - (Mathew Young) [Read all]
Edison DiazHello people! My name is Edison Z. Diaz aka Edison Elektrik. I'm from Los Angeles. Before coming to Sushi Chef Institute, I was a dj/music artist for over a decade and also worked as a social worker. I was terrified coming to SCI at first because I absolutely had no kitchen experience. The only thin... - (Edison Diaz) [Read all]
Jun OkamuraHi, my name is Jun. I live in Vancouver, Canada, where there are more Japanese restaurants than any other kind. A friend of mine who works as a sushi chef said that it would be a waste of time and money for me to go to LA and do sushi study when I told him about my plan. "Why not work and make money... - (Jun Okamura) [Read all]
Lee FujinagaI enrolled at the Sushi Chef Institute in May-June 2008 program for the purpose of refreshing and furthering my Japanese kitchen skills. The course and the knowledge I gained far exceeded my expectations. I am more than confident that I am ready and able to execute my newly acquired skills and knowl... - (Lee Fujinaga) [Read all]
Hiromi Kuritaカルフォルニアに寿司を習いに行く、そう決心してこの学校を選んで私は本当によかったと思っています。もし、私のように寿司調理の経験がなくこれから寿司の世界に入ってみたいと思っている方、もしくは少しは経験が... - (Hiromi Kurita) [Read all]
Yojie LeelinMy name is Yojie Leelin, I just completed successfully a two month Professional Sushi Course at Sushi Chef Institute under the supervision of Sushi Master Andy Matsuda. (Class of Mar. 31 - Apr. 25, 2008)

I am so greatful so Sushi Master Matsuda. I am glad that I made the right decision in cho... - (Yojie Leelin) [Read all]
Suwandi UsmanIt's been a great time when I took classes in "SCI". I learn a lot of technique that I never knew before and they were never taught in my other school. Every day is always something new style and new technique how to be a great sushi chef. Because to be a sushi chef is my big dream for build up my f... - (Suwandi Usman) [Read all]
Princess TaalAttending Sushi Chef Institute was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I learned from the best Sensei ever and Nick was a stud muffin, and Ouchi was a model in hiding. I also got to meet very talented future chefs and chefs already. The knowledge I have learned to become a sushi chef, ... - (Princess Taal) [Read all]
Yu ChungFor years I've been interested and eating Japanese food. I really love the Japanese kitchen. On one day I just wanted to learn more about it and so my search to learn more began. First I began in the Netherlands, that's were I live. Soon I searched in Europe. But there are almost no possibilities av... - (Yu Chung) [Read all]
Eli EnokizonoAfter working in the restaurant industry for several years and being a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, I chose sushi as my specialization. I have always enjoyed Japanese cuisine and after searching for sushi schools decided upon Sushi Chef Institute, where I learned about traditional sushi and all forms of... - (Eli Enokizono) [Read all]
DavidThe Sushi Chef Inst. is not just a culinary school for sushi. Andy Matsuda brings the Japanese kitchen to America, he breaks it down from A-Z. Teaches you the terminology in Japanese and the traditional ways of prepartion for cutting, slicing, pickling, rice..... He is extremely patient but strict, ... - (David) [Read all]
Elmer BionsonEarly in 2007, I was offered the opportunity of partake in the Professional training class at the Sushi Chef Institute. having been in the restaurant business more than 25 years, I really didn't feel that more training was required. Having performed sushi for 10 of those 25 years, I fully didn't und... - (Elmer Bionson) [Read all]
EngineBecoming a great Sushi Chef is not only about learning how to slice and dice a fresh tuna; it is about understanding the roots of traditional way of Sushi making. At the Sushi Chef Institute, I had the privilege of experiencing the Japanese culture and the art behind the traditional Japanese Cuisine... - (Engine) [Read all]
T.E.The Sushi Chef Institute is everything I could have wanted from a first rate culinary school. Chef Andy's instruction is second to none. As a Le Cordon Bleu Graduate, I was expecting to learn basic rolls and Nigiri making. This was not the case. I learned many aspects of Japanese cuisine. From the m... - (T.E.) [Read all]
B.S.For those considering attending SCI, it is a demanding school and the best Japanese Culinary education in the US to study and practice. Keep and rewrite all your notes. Make everything Sensei teaches a part of you and watch it grow. Learn to taste, see, smell, and blend all ingredients. The secrets ... - (B.S.) [Read all]